PC Help Computer Services Ltd

Suite 12, Haven House

Albemarle St, Harwich

CO12 3HL Essex

Support Email: Support@pchelp-south.co.uk

Phone: 01206251328

+ Rescue Session

Welcome to PC HELP Remote Rescue Session

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If you have found this page without being asked by an engineer, but need remote support, please call us on 01206251328

Please note remote support is chargeable @ £28 per hour, Charged in half an hour slots

unless otherwise stated

Problems are usually resolved within 30 minutes.

Phone: 01206251328     Email: Sales@pchelp-south.co.uk

Company Number: 04938471     VAT Number: 125474811



Phone: 01206251328

Email: Sales@pchelp-south.co.uk

Company Number: 04938471

VAT Number: 125474811